Air Marion Inc.

Air Marion Inc. is a family owned and 
operated full service FBO (Fixed Base 
Operator) providing a wide variety of 
services to the general aviation community.  
Services include flight training, aircraft rental, 
aircraft maintenance, fuel services, plus 
much more.

Air Marion is located at the Marion 
Municipal Airport in Marion, In.

Discovery Flights

A Discovery Flight is a 20-25 minute flight for up to 3 people. It can be a joyride or a great way to see if you would like to become a pilot. You will fly with an Air Marion instructor, who will let you take the controls and fly the plane if you want to. The thrill you get may convince you that you do want to become a pilot.

Call us today at 765-674-7777 to reserve your adventure. You won't forget the first time you take the controls and actually fly a plane!

Gift Certificates Available!!

Learn To Fly Here!!

We have a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for you to complete your flight training. Flight training is done in a Cessna  Skyhawk aircraft with professional and FAA Certified Instructors.  


Learning to Fly - We make it fun, convenient, and affordable!

You will learn comfortably, on your own terms, on a schedule that fits your own. Imagine that. 

Imagine traveling twice as fast as you can drive.  Imagine taking friends and family on trips.  Skiing.  Surfing.  
Golfing.  Shopping.  Imagine making impossible business appointments in cities far away and still making it 
home at night.

Imagine taking off after work for a bite of the world's best Mexican food.  In that quaint little diner.  Two states away.  Imagine just exploring the wild blue yonder.

Now, stop imagining.  Get in touch with your inner pilot.  Fly and be free.  Call us. Schedule your Discovery Flight today.  We'll hook you up with a friendly flight instructor and a fun reliable Cessna aircraft.